Employment law is growing and evolving faster than ever before, and can often be a minefield for both employers and employees – frequently resulting in disputes.

We advise both employers and employees, prior to and during the employment relationship, and after it ends – for whatever reason.

Whether through a failure to implement the proper procedures and policies, or in the course of grievance, disciplinary or dismissal proceedings, employment issues can be disruptive and a drain on your business’ resources, both in terms of the time spent and the costs incurred.
Whether your aim is to fight or defend the court or tribunal claim or to negotiate a satisfactory settlement, or just to obtain reassurance and advice on whether something is being handled correctly, we are here to provide you with pragmatic and cost-effective advice.

We will provide robust, commercial and comprehensive advice on the whole range of employment issues including your internal staff procedures; employment contracts and restrictive covenants; grievance, disciplinary and dismissal issues; harassment and discrimination claims; unfair-, wrongful- and constructive dismissal claims; redundancy and termination of employment; and settlement agreements.

How much does an employment lawyer cost?

We will discuss with you the likely costs involved in instructing us, from legal advice on internal employment processes and procedures to helping you to resolve disputes – whether you are the employer or the employee. 

There are a number of ways you can pay for your legal work:

Hourly rate: you pay for the time we spend acting on your behalf.

Agreed fixed fees: in more complex cases it may be more cost-effective for us to agree a fixed fee for time spent on your behalf.

Legal expenses insurance: this is legal cover that is often an add-on to home insurance, and may be available in certain cases to cover some or all of your legal fees.

The employer: in disputes, the employer will often at least contribute to the employee’s costs (particularly where a settlement agreement is negotiated).

How much does it cost to bring or defend a claim for unfair or wrongful dismissal in an employment tribunal?

Complexity:                           Lower range        Higher range
Simple case:                             £5,000                     £7,500
Medium complexity case:    £7,500                     £15,000
High complexity case:           £15,000+

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