Debt Recovery

At Hilton Law we offer a simple, swift and cost-effective approach to an ever-increasing problem. We look to achieve collection pre-action but if this fails we will act immediately to issue Court, bankruptcy or winding-up proceedings.

We are always available to discuss your needs and requirements and however you choose to instruct us, we will immediately take the first steps to recovering your debt. We will update you as to progress and, of course, costs at every stage of the process and advise you on the best options available for maximizing recovery whilst minimizing costs.

Debt Recovery Pricing

We appreciate that the fees involved in debt recovery are important to you.

We review our fees on a regular basis, considering client’s feedback, to ensure we continue to offer a cost-effective debt recovery service.

Undisputed Debt Recovery Charges

All undisputed debt recovery work is carried out at a fixed rate.

Letter before action:
Amount of Debt:              Lower range             Higher range
£0 – £4,999                           £150                               £300
£5,000 – £9,999                   £300                              £500

£10,000+                               £500+

VAT is charged on costs

Pre-issue costs: (including the costs of sending a letter before action) are not usually recoverable from your debtor.

Claim Form: we will commence Court proceedings against your debtor on your behalf, and we will advise you on the relevant Court issue fee.

Litigation costs:

Complexity                        Lower range             Higher range
Simple case:                         £1,500                           £5,000
Medium complexity:          £5,000                          £7,500
High complexity:                 £7,500                          £15,000

If the debt is under £10,000 there is a “no costs rule” which will mean that as a general rule you are unable to recover your costs from the debtor even if you are successful. Fixed costs and Court fees are, however, usually recoverable.

You can claim interest and compensation and we will advise you of the applicable rates.

We require all disbursements paid in advance, including the Court issue fee and Counsels’ costs (if applicable).

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