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Be careful what you say – and agree – in an email…

The Court of Appeal has recently considered whether an e-mail exchange, which included the phrase “a formal contract will follow” was subject to contract. The phrase “subject to contract” in commercial negotiations creates a strong presumption that the parties do not yet want to be bound. Parties who do not use this wording need to make […]

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Commercial Litigation

We provide robust, clear and practical advice to our clients with a view to securing a swift and satisfactory settlement according to the specific client’s requirements and objectives.


Employment contracts and restrictive covenants; grievance, dismissal issues; harassment and discrimination; unfair dismissal; redundancy, termination of employment.

Intellectual Property

Passing off, Trademark infringement, Breach of copyright, Design rights (registered and unregistered), Counterfeit goods claims, Confidential Information.


Advise on liquidation, receivership and administration, bankruptcy, CVA's, IVA's, claims against directors and directors’ disqualification proceedings and on creditors' rights.

Debt Recovery

We look to achieve collection pre-action collection but if this fails we will act immediately to issue Court, bankruptcy or winding-up proceedings.